Welcome to Verus - Where Claims Services Redefine Excellence

Launching a new service is not just about introducing a new name; it is about changing the way things are done. Introducing Verus - our new go-to platform for handling claims promptly.

A New Standard in Claims Management

Rokstone Agriculture is proud to unveil Verus, the pinnacle of responsive and expert-driven claims management, now at your fingertips. Verus is a transformative tool that brings internal control, agility, and unmatched proficiency to the forefront of claims handling.

With plans for a rapid expansion to cover other US portfolios, at the core of Verus lies a fundamental shift - a transition from conventional approaches, towards a more bespoke service.

Expertise in Action

Verus marks a pivotal departure from the way things used to be. Formerly outsourced to IPG, a third-party administrator, our claims handling now finds its roots within our dedicated team, led by resident seasoned expert Nicole Pidcoe, with Payton Burdine as Claims Specialist.

As Head of Agriculture, Nicole’s stature in the industry and her commitment to excellence help to create a new era for claims management. Nicole said, “The launch of Verus will bring something new to the US Claims market. We offer a dedicated and knowledgeable service that generalist claims services simply cannot provide.”

Nicole and Payton’s grasp of our business nuances is matched only by their round-the-clock availability, ensuring the prompt responses depended upon so often by the Claims landscape. Nicole continued, “Managing Livestock claims requires an immediate response. We are reducing insurer claims leakage by 10% on average.”

Their understanding of the intricacies of animal health matters, coupled with their access to the right tools in these often challenging circumstances, expedites our claims process, enabling the delivery of tailor-made solutions and peace of mind faster than ever before.