Livestock and Agriculture claims present unique challenges, requiring personalized responses. The claims process is overseen by Nicole Pidcoe, a dedicated claims professional with over 11 years of specific experience in livestock and equine claims, assisting our brokers and customers throughout the lifecyle of the claim and providing the best-in-class claim services, backed by three core principles: integrity, accountability & transparency.

We are easily accessible by phone or email at all times, 24/7, and are up-front and transparent with our clients about the progression of their claim. Contact us anytime to receive an update on your claim.

Immediate notice of all accidents, illness, injury and/or death to an insured animal(s) must be provided by calling: 1-800-334-4525


1) Immediately report the loss or potential loss to the number above.

2) Contact your veterinarian and provided proper care to the animal(s).

3) Make arrangements for a post mortem examination if animal(s) is deceased.

4) Call local police in the event of the theft of an animal(s), shooting, or vehicular involvement.


1) Have an animal(s) euthanized prior to the consent of the Company.

2) Have an animal(s) remains removed prior to having a post mortem completed.

3) Have the animal(s) remains removed prior to consent of the Company.

4) Neglect a police report if needed.


Failure to comply with the policy terms and conditions could jeopardize your coverage. Anyone that has care, custody and control of the insured animal(s) should be full advised of the above procedures. This Notice does not form part of your Insurance Policy or any other document. Please consult your Insurance Policy for actual terms and conditions which apply to your insurance coverage.

Nicole Pidcoe

Head of Agricultural Claims


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