12 Months of Rokstone Agriculture

Can you believe Rokstone Agriculture has now been trading for an entire year? With some fantastic figures backing up the brilliant work, we have come a long way in the last 12 months.

Launched in early 2022, as the US market’s first online quote and buy facility for this class of business, Rokstone Agriculture continues to bring capacity to the variety starved livestock market. The success of the first 12 months demonstrates just how vital the Rokstone Agriculture expertise has been in these niche lines. The first year has witnessed:

  • $16,000,247 in GWP

  • Licensed in 44 states, approved for admitted business in 22 states

  • 1335 policies written

  • Worked with 28 brokers 

CEO Eric Conklin believes being data-driven has played a significant part in the success of the first year. He said,

“Our specialist knowledge, use of technology, and access to quality data and capacity means we can provide broader, more relevant cover that’s secure and quicker than anywhere else.”

Until Rokstone Agriculture came along, brokers in the US were restricted to just one insurer in the market offering terms of broad livestock cover that included core as well as niche risks. With Rokstone Agriculture, coverage is available on an admitted and non-admitted basis across 25 US states, with delegated authority A-rated capacity for niche livestock business.

The one-year-old platform gives brokers full control to quote, bind and manage endorsements online - an unprecedented move in such lines of business. Any initial trepidations were quashed quickly as Rokstone Agriculture took the market by storm.

With five new livestock products providing broader, more flexible terms than any other coverage currently available, cover limits are up to $500,000 per animal and $20m per risk. The new products include:

  • Livestock Mortality - all risk cover for individually scheduled animals

  • Livestock Confinement, Pasture, and Feedlot - coverage for animals for specified perils

  • Livestock, Care, Custody, and Control Liability - coverage for non-owned livestock raised under a written feeding contract

  • Livestock Motor Truck Cargo Liability - coverage for livestock in transit

  • Livestock Auction Market Coverage - for animals sold through auction

Optimistic for the continued success of the platform, Eric said, “We are looking forward to consolidating our position in the market as we become more established.” With big plans for the coming years, Eric hopes to expand the Rokstone Agriculture team too, explaining, “We will grow the team and continue to broaden our appetite to bring the same choice and efficiencies to other niche areas of livestock business and in other territories.”

With such an impressive first year, what will the next 12 months look like for Rokstone Agriculture?